Note 1

Hey, Jimmie! Y'know, it's good to have heroes - and Santa has learned who your hero is!! You could have picked worse, Santa supposes... so Santa is going to help you be more like your idol! The first thing is appearance... wear this gift on your face!!

["Doug" facemask]

Note 2

So, Doug is your hero. Oh, well, it could be worse, like Adolph Hitler or Mike Tyson or someone like that. Santa doesn't judge. You've been a good site manager this year, but if you want to be like Doug, you've got to pick up some of his know-how!!

[Book: "Unix for Dummies"]

Note 3

OK, now you're just like Doug at work, you've got to be more like Doug at home!! You've got to start picking up his hobbies... but take it easy at first!! Start simple!!

[Lego Duplos]

Note 4

Now, you're just like Doug at work and home!! You can start taking his identity!! You've already started on VanB's football game!!

["Taz" stuff: Pez dispenser, pencil, magnet]

Note 5

There's one more part of Doug's life that you really need in your life. But you may not be ready for the real thing just yet!!

[Rubber woman, labeled "Inflatable Party Wife"]