Well as your Secret Santa it was a little hard to find some embarrassing situations you may have put yourself in this past year. So I decided to just do my best and this is what I came up with.


This will help anyone find out who just flew past them while riding your bike. Just attach it to the back and off you go. Open the small, thin, rectangular gift. [License Plate]


Everyone knows that you are a little quiet, but sometimes you just have to let it all out so I figure this might help in that type of situation. The second gift is for those real quiet moments while riding your bike. Just connect it to the handle bars and your ready to go! Open the larger gift with the green wrapping paper. [Bike Horn]


Now let's move away from your personal life and move towards the office. While you are compiling code you tend to get up and pace around in your office. There were a few things that could happen here. But one of these days you just may get lost and forget where you are. Who knows anything can happen! Proceed to open the gift with white paper. [Compass]


Now you have 2 gifts left. The larger one is really up to you, but I am going to ask everyone to encourage you. This will let everyone see how open and fun you can be. Open up the larger of the 2 gifts. [Book: "The Night Before Christmas"] Inside you will find "The Night Before Christmas". It may not be politically correct with Hanukah and all, but I thought it might be fun. Go ahead and read it aloud, and make it sound convincing. You can even make up your own story if you prefer!


Finally, the last gift was just a little helpful tool for those days when construction might be going on next door. These might help you to drown out some of the noise. Or, if you want to have a little fun, find Doug!!! Go ahead and open your last gift. [Cotton Balls]



Happy Holidays!!!


Your Secret Santa