Your secret santa would like to recognize your years as a revered leader of both Pack 730 and The ISX-Atlanta troop. In typical Scout fashion, your secret santa would like to present you with a Survival Pak™. This Pak™ is meant to both reward your previous efforts and to inspire you to new heights of Scoutliness.


(First remove the soft squarish package. [Survival Sash]) This is your Super Survival Sash. You can use it to store all of your important survival items. First unwrap and unfold it. You will see a pocket. This belongs in the upper right-hand part of the sash. This part will eventually be slung over your left shoulder, but first you must add your survival items.


(Open the small, hard package.[camera]) This item should be placed in the pocket you just discovered. One thing both of your packs admire about you is your legendary bravery. There is nothing you love more than joining your packs in activities that leave them on the edge of danger, such as a recent ISX skydiving adventure. However, santa also recognizes your amazing capacity for self-sacrifice. They have therefore given you this camera so you may always selflessly remain behind and photograph the rest of your pack whilst they experience mortal danger.


Below the pocket you just placed the camera in, there is a small eyelet. (Open the long, mallet-ended, squishy package.[Braves' Tomahawk]) Your secret santa recognizes your supreme leadership when taking your packs out on field trips, and this is to be commended. However, they have also noticed a tendency to grab attention. For example, at the Braves game you took Pack 730 to, you wanted to be on TV so much, you lofted two of your Pack members into the air and started banging them together while shouting fervent support to the Braves and ribald insults to their rivals. So that this need not happen again, they have provided you with this Braves emblem that you may wave about instead. Make sure to place this in the sash with the part that says "Braves" on it pointing upward.


If you flip your survival sash over, you will see two eyelets, both wider than the one on the front. (Open the tall, pole-esque package. [Door-shutter, consisting of a plunger on a long, retractable handle]) One of your biggest duties to your ISX pack is engaging in telecons. Although those at ISX greatly appreciate the fact that you shout at the top of your lungs instead of simply kicking us out of the ISX office, your secret santa would like to help you to not have to lose your voice through your variegated telecons. To this end, they have created the easily carriable, extensible Super Survival Door Shutter. They thought if you just shut your dang door, it would save everyone a boatload of trouble. Make sure to always lock the Super Survival Door Shutter into place by turning the handle after retracting or extending it, and make sure to practice using it before your life depends on it. Once you have tried out your door shutter, slip it through the two eyelets on the back of your Survival Sash, making sure that the bulbous end is pointed upwards (it will be closer to the camera than to the Braves doohickey).


Now that you have placed all the items into your Survival Sash, you may don the Survival Sash. There are pins attached to the paper to help you if it slides. Now you're ready for anything!