Atlanta Office "Secret Santa" Gift Summary for 2001

Special note: The Atlanta Office held its Christmas party about a week earlier. We had dinner at a restaurant, and then went to a performance of "A Christmas Carol" at a local theater. Lisa printed directions to the theater - which turned out to be erroneous. That's why many of the notes have references to Lisa and directions!

The Atlanta Office (from DC)

Theme: Atlanta Core Hours.

Our Little Trayton

Theme: Trayton sure is young.


Theme: Having some weaponry might improve Greg's day-to-day life at ISX.

The Wonder Twins (Anna and Jamie)

Theme: The Twins have run into some trouble with airport security.


Theme: Some of Jennifer's decisions over the past year have been questionable...


Theme: Sherry is stressed. Maybe she needs to try Islam - or ISXlam.


Theme: Doug bought our Foosball table used, sight unseen, from a private seller in the middle of Alabama. Perhaps not the smartest shopping move...


Theme: Angelo loves Bacon. He also sometimes goes by the nickname "The Chinaman".


Theme: vanb is obsessed with collecting SkyMiles.


Theme: Lisa's life has been stressful, with family emergencies.


Theme: Jimmie has been travelling more lately.


Theme: Mark's drive home from DC after 9/11 was quite an event.

The Atlanta Office (from Camarillo)

Theme: Atlanta sometimes has problems with their front door not being locked.

Camarillo's gift didn't arrive until after our Secret Santa party, so Doug & Jimmie held a party of their own, with a few of their friends.