Wake up Jennifer, you are having a dream!  OK, Now let’s get serious…


Another year has passed and Santa must say that he is very concerned about you!  Last year Santa brought you a dinosaur tooth to try and replace the wisdom teeth that you had lost.  This was not a strong suite for you anyway and with the loss of your teeth, Santa was very concerned that things like jumping out airplanes or hang-gliding might continue.  To Santa’s astonishment, it did little good as evidenced by your choosing Eastern Europe as a “vacation spot”, purchasing kittens as companions, becoming addicted to Survivor Africa, and volunteering to work with VanB on Active Templates!


Well, Santa is about to give up on you as a lost soul…  but will give it one more try.  Now, obviously your lack of wisdom and judgment make you incapable of making decisions for yourself so, Santa will try to help you with your next round of choices…


First, your travel selections.  Open present (1)……………………[Children's Travel book: "My World: A First Look at the World"]

It is Santa’s hope that you can now begin to do a little more detailed research when selecting your next vacation spot.


Second, your kittens.  It is clear that you are desiring more companionship than you currently enjoy, however, to keep your apartment liveable and your apartment manager sane, and to cater to your frequent traveling, your next present was specifically selected to give you a feeling of warmth and companionship.  Please apply liberally around your house.  Open present (2)………[Kitten sticker book]


Next,  Survivor.  This coupled with your recent “thrillseeking” experiences leads Santa to believe you are destined to try out for the next Survivor Antarctica series.  Santa is no dummy and is sure that he can’t talk you out of it.  However, he can help you prepare!  Open present (3)………["The Worst-Case Scenario" Survival Game]


Lastly, we have AcT and VanB.  Unfortunately, you have already committed to this course of action.  Santa can see only one legal and non-violent option that might help you survive this activity.    Open present (3)…[Bubble shooter]  Try it out (NOW) and try it out often.    Santa hopes that this will help improve your outlook on life 8-)


Well, that’s it from Santa this year.  He can only hope that you straighten yourself out by next year or he’s afraid that a bag of coal might be his only recourse.


Have a happy holiday and…  GOOD LUCK!