Secret Santa has noticed recently that you have been traveling more than usual this year..Trip to DC and recently Boston.  However, you seem to be encountering some small problems along the way. 


That’s why your Secret Santa has put together this special kit designed with you in mind to help ease you through those unexpected difficult times. 



Secret Santa knows you had a minor problem with a hotel rates in DC this year. You were quoted a government rate room, but when you checked in they discovered you were not a government employee and charged you the higher rate. Looking back on this event, you should’ve haggled with them, but you didn’t.  To help you overcome this obstacle in the future please open package #1 and read the inside highlighted passage. [Book: "Take Control of People"] 



On to other things—


It seems when you were in DC and Boston you were rather adept at getting around in the “Big City” traffic --only to find out you the reason you were getting to the DC office early was that you were using the HOV lane – Secret Santa wants you to be “Know the Rules” should you need to travel there in the future.  Open envelope marked #2. [DC HOV Rules] 


Hope these will help you in the coming year and if you encounter any other unexpected difficulties    Envelope #3 could help you.  Open #3 [Sign: "In An Emergency, Call (Doug's cell phone number)"]




Merry Christmas