Merry Christmas.



Secret Santa hears you have had a very difficult year. Something about Merry-go-rounds, refrigerators and deer.


The Boylan family has had to respond to many accidents and illness during this past year. Santa really thought you could use a rabbit’s foot for good luck but all he could find was a real live rabbit with four attached feet.


Since a live rabbit is not a good choice for a home with small children Santa had to go to plan B. Santa present to you will help keep your family a little safer in the coming year. Santa thinks you will find this gift very useful during those family emergencies when you are required to be nurse.  (Open Gift 1 here [Book: "First Aid Handbook"])


Once you have taken care of all of the family emergencies you need to take care of yourself. Santa thinks you need a little rest! Santa got you a gift for that too.

(Open gift 2 here [Nice bath stuff])


Santa wish is the New Year will be a healthy year for you and yours.



Your secret Santa!