Dear Greg,


By now, I am sure you can take a guess at what aspect of your life I will be giving you a gift for.  But unlike previous years where I have made light of some of your habits, idiosyncrasies, or poor life choices, I have decided to be serious for once.


Because this year, Greg, you are a man.  Not an “O-Pity-Me-O-Man” or some violent Ninja variant, but a man in the truest sense.  And it is your family Greg that has helped you to become one.


I have paid attention to your courtship, your engagement, your marriage, and your transition into family life, and through it all I have noticed underneath your “rough and oafish, redneck” perceived exterior, that there is respect, honor, and love.  I have seen into your heart, and I know that nearly every moment is lived for the well being of your family.  Every line of code you write, every frustrated minute dealing with your superiors or customers, every mile you drive in your SUV instead of your old Camaro I know is done for them.


So what I did this year Greg is to craft something that I hope will be a reminder for years to come of the one thing that is now so important in your life.  I have managed to capture every detail from the twinkles in your children’s eyes to your wife’s doting and thoughtful gaze.  And most importantly, I have managed to capture you:  the unselfish provider, dutiful and faithful husband, and loving and caring father.


Merry Christmas!