Dear Jimmie,


Merry Christmas!


My elves and I have been watching you over the past year and have noticed that you have been a very good boy.  For example, you have fixed people’s computer problems without making too much fun of how stupid people can be.  You’ve also brought coffee in every so often for people in the office.  We noticed you don’t bring in doughnuts anymore, but that’s because Vanb usually ate them all. 


Also, you have gone through many changes this past year including moving into your very own apartment and buying a new car all by yourself!  Our little Jimmie is all grown up!


This year, Santa has decided to bring you practical gifts that grown up men and women would receive rather than toys like Legos that are for little boys and girls.


·       Open gift with a blue bow


This book, “Growing Up Stories”, is an excellent novel starring the lovable and wise Winnie the Pooh, who provides sage advise for people.  Part of the Introduction describes the book:



Hopefully all of your apprehension of living on your own and buying your new car will disappear with the wisdom of Winnie’s stories.











·       Open gift with a silver bow

Since you moved out this year, Santa wants to help you with a full set of dishes, cups, and silverware! 


Santa knows how hard it is when you first move out and have to eat off paper plates on a make shift kitchen table made from the cardboard box your TV came in.


I’m sure the Chinese food and pizza you order for dinner, and the hot pockets that you “cook” will be delicious on this nice set of china!













·       Open gift with a green bow

Santa knows you have moved up to the hard stuff from Hot Chocolate at Starbuck’s. 


Sorry, Santa could only afford a $5 gift certificate, perhaps you could use that as a down payment for one of those White Chocolate Mocha coffees you enjoy.














Santa also found an excellent article on (the link is called “The 3 R’s of Growing Up.”



Most people think of a grownup as someone who takes responsibility for his/her own life. And being responsible shows your parents that you are growing up and can handle more freedom. Here are six ways to be a responsible person:
Take care of your own affairs.
Follow through on commitments.
Answer for your own actions.
Be trustworthy.
Don't procrastinate.
Always use your head.

Some decisions are easy to make, others are more complicated. When it's a choice between right and wrong, you don't need to weigh the pros and cons. Choosing to do the right thing is an act of self-respect and responsible decision making. Here are some guidelines for deciding what's right:
What do my heart and conscience tell me?
Could it hurt anyone - including me?
Is it fair?
How would I feel if somebody did it to me?
How will I feel about myself later if I do it?
What would adults I respect say about it?

Respecting ourselves helps us make good choices. And making good choices lifts our self-respect. Good self respect helps every aspect of our personal and social lives, and makes it a lot easier to get through the tough times. Here are some things that are almost guaranteed to make you respect yourself.
Take responsibility for yourself.
Always do what you believe is right.
Be true to yourself and your highest values.
Respect others and treat them right.
Set goals and work to achieve them.
Say "no" to negative pressures.
Don't let others make your choices for you.

So, always be Responsible, choose to do the Right thing, and Respect yourself.



Merry Christmas,

Secret Santa