It has come to Santa’s attention that you spend as much time in the DC area as here so I decided to make that trip to and from a little more pleasant.  I figure you may get bored at the airport or on the plane and this may come in handy.  In fact, everyone around will want to join in all the ISX games, and you could actually make some new friends!  (OPEN GIFT #1 [Hangman game]).


Oh, I forgot to mention that my elves did some research and we found out that you are leading a double life.  I guess you did decide to buy that other house in the DC area.  I have you listed as:


Mark Hoffman

4104 Addison Rd

Fairfax, VA 22030

(703) 273-0880


Hopefully your wives and kids don’t know about one another.  In case you “don’t remember” I printed out an aerial shot of your neighborhood in Fairfax (LAST PAGE).


When you spend time with the family and scouts the projector starts to disappear.  You have to lug that heavy projector home and back to work, and sometimes you forget some of the items at home such as cables.  I thought I would be kind to you, as well as the CRG folk, and give you this gift (OPEN GIFT #2 [Toy Projector]).


Well, since I put a slight dent in this year’s gift for you I thought I would wrap things up with one more.  Speaking of dents, I heard about the little mishap in one of those boring meetings of yours.  It appears you put a dent in one of the conference room walls with one of those projector screen pull down sticks.  So I am giving you this handy little gift that can help with situations like those, especially for the worse situations (OPEN GIFT #3 [Spackle]).


Well I hope you enjoyed this year’s Secret Santa gift.  I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Secret Santa