You have already received your first gift in your office decorations.  Santa and his elves all hope that you liked them…


Now it is time for your other gifts…


First, to mark your place at the table today and in history, open gift number 1, your own personal “marker”!


<open gift #1[Tombstone]>


It’s not everyone who can say that they have accomplished all that you have in only 40 years…   Why there’s….  ah….  Well… I know that you have ridden on more roller-coasters than most…   And ah…  there’s a….  well, the average male in the US lives to be over 74 so you still have another 34 years to add to that impressive resume!


Now Santa is obviously over 40 himself and one thing that Santa has learned is how critical it is to be able to laugh.  Usually because you can’t follow the conversations any more.  But your next gift has large pictures and words and hopefully, you will still be able to enjoy it.


<open gift #2 [Humor Book]>


Next, a man of your…  let’s say “experience” needs to be recognized by all around as the sage that you have become.  Since black has always been a staple in your wardrobe, gift #3 will fit right in.  Please open and dawn gift #3 for all to enjoy and envy.   


<open gift #3 [T-shirt]>


Now, your 4th gift is specifically designed to aid in your daily office rounds as you check in on the youngsters as they do their work.  Be sure and check out each of the important features.  This was the “LX” model!


<open/explain gift #4 [Cane]>


Lastly, no birthday is complete without a birthday cake.  Unfortunately black icing is hard to find so please accept this birthday ice-cream cake as a true reflection of how the office appreciates you as a friend and co-worker. 


PS.  Cut this last part out and tape it on your computer screen so you will be faced with a pleasant “NEW” thought each day when you come into the office and find it there. 


<open gift #5 and share with everyone! [Cake]>


Merry Christmas VanB!





These were the notes on the cane…

A magnifying glass for search for code bugs.



A set of teeth to “chew out” those T1s when they aren’t performing



For blowing your own horn during the T-4 meetings



A bottle of pills for all your ills listed…



Your own personal road sign…


A WARNING horn so the T1s can hear you coming…